JULY 2012: Founders meet for the first time (Place: Priyadarshini Park, Mumbai).

DECEMBER 2013: Inception and first prototype.

APRIL 2014: Top 30 innovators of India by EDDI Ahmedabad.

JANUARY 2015: Won 3lacs cash prize from Eureka by IIT, Bombay.

MARCH 2015: Seed capital from Heritage Girls School.

MAY 2015: First workshop in Thakkarbappa colony.

JUNE 2015: Company registered.

AUGUST 2015: Tie-up with RAM Exports.

MARCH 2016: 15,000 pairs donated to children in need.

NOVEMBER 2016: Launch of retail range.

MARCH 2017: 1,00,000 pairs donated.

JUNE 2018: First skill center with Tata Steel.

JAN 2019: Launch of Retail range in U.S. market.