Employees of a company can also come together and support Greensole by pooling funds or a corporate can launch the employee contribution program for its staff and match the funds. It only takes Rs.199 to refurbish and donate a pair.

One of the recent, successful employee contribution campaign was done by Cigna TTK where 250 people contributed Rs. 70,000.

For any further enquiries, email us at [email protected]


Organizing a discarded shoe collection drive and sponsoring the refurbishment of shoes at Rs 199 per pair, the company donates the refurbishment cost of a particular number of pairs to be distributed to the people in need in a particular village/Adivasi belt or any specific place based on the requirement.

Minimum number to be donated is 2,000 pairs, so that an entire locality can be benefited. You could also choose to go for direct refurbishment and donation as we receive tons of shoes from across the country


Buying customized, trendy & eco-friendly range of Greensole slippers/shoes as per requirement for your employees